WCPS Native American and Colonial Day 11-22-19

Pictures of students

Colonial Day

First grade students participated in activities that children did during Colonial times. Children were expected to help the family by working around the house or farm.  Children knew it was important to support their family and build skills they would need when they grew older.  When children did have free time they would play outside or make simple toys with scraps of wood or cloth.

First grade students participated in the following activities:

Students made homemade butter and ate it along with Journey Cakes and pumpkin pie. They put map puzzles together, made a class quilt, used a washing board to wash clothes, and wrote in calligraphy using a quill pen. They also saw toy demonstrations and played games such as London Bridge, Tag, and Leap Frog from Colonial days.

Native American Day

After learning about the Creek and Cherokee Native Americans in the classroom, students participated in our annual Native American Day.  Students created Native American vests, headbands, and dream catchers.  Students built Native American homes and played various instruments as they danced to Native American music.  Students learned about planting crops and the importance of what plants need to thrive and grow. Students also were able to choose Native American symbols to draw or have painted on their faces.  The highlight of the day was when students were able to use bows and arrows, aiming for the bullseye, and playing stick ball.  We could not have made this day a huge success for our students if it had not been for the many volunteers and presenters!


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