WC Rams Baseball Coach Receives Award

WC Rams Baseball Coach Receives Award

Congratulations to Coach Will Smith! He was recently chosen as the state of Georgia 2020 Ethics and Professional Coaching Award winner.  The award is the highest honor from the GADC and is awarded at the annual convention held in Atlanta, Ga each January.  The GADC represents baseball at all levels in the State of Georgia but emphasizes the importance of high school coaches.  Each year coaches are selected as award winners for various categories, including Coach of the Year, Field of the Year, Hall of Fame inductions, and many other awards.  The most coveted recognition is the Ethics and Professional Coaching Award. The winner is chosen from a committee made up of college and high school coaches and comes from nominations taken statewide.

The purpose of the award is to protect and promote the best interests of the game of baseball and the coaching profession.  It seeks to define what is a right and ethical in the daily life of a coach as he puts this into practice. The principles and values of the award are honesty, integrity, respect, discipline, personal responsibility, fairness, and loyalty.  Additionally, these virtues reflect the highest calling of a baseball coach as he mentors this to his players. Coach Smith is the first recipient of this award that is from the south-central region of the great State of Georgia.

Greg Frady of the Georgia Dugout Club stated, “I am thrilled to see a great man like Will Smith receive this award.  Coach Smith represents all that is good in our profession, and he is a living example for all to see. He is a man of high ethical standards, moral conduct and competitive attitude. He has a lasting effect on everyone that comes in contact with him.  He means so much to our entire baseball community, and he is very respected for his south-central contributions to the game. Congratulations to Coach Smith and the entire Worth County community for this wonderful recognition.”

Awesome job, Coach! #RamPride

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