WCHS PBIS Character Words of the Month

WCHS PBIS Character Words of the Month

WCHS's PBIS character words of the month are respect and prompt. This month, and always, we ask that students remember the importance of both words. Below are a few key points that teachers and students will focus on this month.


  • Everyone wants respect, but respect must be earned. To gain respect, you must first give respect. Taking the time to be respectful to others will open doors for you in whatever career you choose.
  • Understanding others and being humble will go a long way toward earning respect.
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.
    • How do you feel when others treat you with respect?
    • How do you feel when others do not treat you with respect?
  • Helping others in need and showing compassion are true qualities of being a leader.
  • When you show respect to others regardless of the situation, others will be motivated to do the same.


  • Despite all of the events going on in your life, it is important to be on-time for all class periods and assignments.
  • Being prompt and on-time is the first impression you give to those involved.
  • Always prepare your schedule to be prompt. This takes planning and responsibility.
  • Anyone can be prompt by being persistent and willing to impress others.
  • The person who is always prompt builds a reputation that garners respect from others.

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