WCVA Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 7/20/2020 2:29 PM

Virtual/Online learning is not for every child, but it can be great for many. WCS strongly urges parents to educate themselves prior to selecting this option so here are a few FAQ’s

How will my child receive instruction?

Virtual instruction will be via online curriculum through APEX learning in grades 6-12, and via Edgenuity in grades K-5. Both platforms provide video and animated lessons followed by assignments, quizzes, and tests for students to complete and submit. Students can communicate with a teacher through the platform, but there is no real-time teacher instructing via computer. Lessons may also be supplemented using other core and supplemental resources found in the appendix.

See links below for more information:

Grades 6-12 APEX Learning   

Take a tour of APEX learning using the link below


Grades K-5 Edgenuity:

The Edgenuity Student Experience- Please use the link below to take a tour of the Edgenuity Student Experience. This is a seven minute video designed to show you what to expect as a student user.



What calendar will my child follow?

The WCVA will follow the Worth County School District Calendar, and model as close as possible to the school day structure.

Full time Student Status

All students up to 18 years of age must be enrolled full time. Every student that enrolls at WCVA will receive a full-time schedule of classes (4-5 courses a semester) and be expected to complete his/her classes on time. However, sometimes when students are enrolled full-time, they do not attend school full-time. To be considered a student who attends full-time, he/she:

  • Students should work approximately 25 hours a week (5 hours a day) on courses.
  • Students must maintain weekly 2-way communication with their virtual learning teacher.
  • Students must never fall more than 25% behind in each class.
  • Please adhere to the course/class pacing guide.

Virtual Academy Registration and Commitment Form

We are requesting parents make an official commitment that their child would participate in the Worth County Schools Virtual Academy by completing the application for enrollment.  Parents are asked to complete a form for each student in the home. Decisions must be made by July 17 by 6:00 pm. Students in families who do not select an option by July 17 by 6:00 pm will be assigned to in-person instruction. Families will receive verification of their selection for each child. Please be informed, students will attend school based on the option chosen for all of first semester (through December). A change may take place after the 1st 9 weeks if there is a hardship that needs to be considered. The district will decide if the hardship is reasonable.


How will attendance be monitored in the virtual learning option?

Absence Policy

WCVA employs performance-based attendance. This means that students are expected to make adequate progress in their classes each week to be considered present in their classes. Students who are 25% behind are considered absent each day that they do not complete the daily target amount of coursework that is set forth by their curriculum provider. Additionally, students will be marked absent for any week they miss their 2-way communication with their mentor.

Truancy Policy

All students, however, are required to meet certain time, contact, and class completion criteria to not be considered truant. A student is truant when he/she fails to make adequate progress in his/her class (es) without a documented explanation, such as a medical reason. A student will be considered truant when he/she falls behind by more than 25% in their combined classes and/or misses 2 consecutive weeks of 2-way communication. WCS district attendance protocols will be followed for any student who do not meet the virtual attendance guidelines.


What if my student has medical concerns?

WCVA understands that many students enroll with us for a variety of reasons including medical, emotional, and psychological concerns. We are pleased to offer a more flexible schedule than a traditional school, with different supports to help all of these students succeed. However, students in this capacity will be required to show that they meet certain standards in their classes/grade levels in order to be promoted or receive credit. If students have chronic absenteeism due to medical, emotional, or psychological reasons they must provide documentation in order to be excused for those absences. Chronic absenteeism is defined as having more than 10 absent days per semester. If students are unable to provide documentation, they must adhere to regular policies and requirements. Students who provide consistent documentation for severe cases will still be required to show proficiency by completing a set amount of work defined by their teacher.


How will my child communicate assistance is needed?

Communication Expectations

Due to the nature of virtual learning, it is imperative that students communicate via google classroom, and email. Your student may contact their facilitator for assistance through a Google Meet or hangout teleconference. This feature will enable the student and teacher to communicate. If you child’s device does not have a camera a smartphone will work for the purpose of obtaining instructional assistance. Failure to communicate may result in the poor student performance.  Students will communicate use both Worth County Schools email accounts, and Google classroom posts announcements. Students are expected to:

  • Check their Worth County School email account daily and respond to class teachers.
  • Participate in student conference, and class meeting using Google Meets with their teachers/facilitators.
  • Read and respond to texts from class teachers/ staff
  • Discuss specific details on what is being learned in his/her classes


What do we expect from parents / guardians of virtual learners?

Family involvement is vital to our students’ success at WCVA! At every grade level, parents/guardians are expected to stay up-to-date with their child’s progress. Below are the parent/guardian roles and responsibilities:


Parents are expected to have a high level of student oversight. The parent is the child’s primary support in learning, though the teacher is available for guidance. Parents should expect to:

  • Oversee their student’s schoolwork
  • Set the daily schedule with varied activities and breaks for the required hours
  • Assist with lessons and communicate frequently with the teacher
  • Help monitor student progress and comprehension
  • Commit to weekly meetings if necessary with the virtual learning teacher to review progress and share observations.
  • Have a reliable email address.


Middle school students are transitioning to more independent learning, so the parent’s time commitment is 1-3 hours per day. Parents are expected to read the daily/weekly progress report emails, to know the status of their child’s classes, as well as monitor how often and for how long their child is working online. Though students are expected to maintain contact with their assigned mentor, parents will also have communication with their child’s mentor, especially when concerns or problems arise. Middle school parents/guardians will be able to schedule parent/teacher conferences virtually.


Parents have minimal time commitment with their child’s schoolwork, but are still expected to read the daily/weekly progress reports, and to know the status of their child’s classes. We request all parents to provide a good email address, sign up for a parent portal account to check their child’s online school attendance, grades and parents are encouraged to contact their child’s virtual learning teacher. Parents/guardians must also attend virtual or face to face parent/teacher conferences when needed or requested.


Parent communication applies to students under the age of 18. Parents will be contacted when students don’t meet the minimum criteria set forth in the attendance and truancy guidelines. If a student’s grade is not passing (under 70%), WCVA will reach out to parents/guardians to schedule a meeting either face to face or virtual at least every other week to reevaluate plans for their child.

  • If a student’s pacing is more than 25% behind in a course, parents/guardians will be notified.
  • If a student is not adhering to his/her weekly communication, WCVA will contact the parents/guardians in order to establish a contract with the student.
  • If WCVA has reason to believe a student’s family situation has changed, and that change may disrupt the student’s education, WCVA will reach out to parents/guardians to help minimize the educational disruption.


What materials or supplies will my child need?

All K-12 WCVA students will need access to a device and reliable internet access to participate in the virtual learning platform.  A device is defined as a computer (PC, Mac, Chromebook, some tablets, etc.). The use of a smartphone to access and complete virtual learning activities is not recommended.  Your student may need or use earbuds or headphones in some lessons.


Will my child participate in mandatory state testing?

If you are a full-time student taking core classes (ELA, math, science, social studies), you are required to take the appropriate grade-level state assessments.  The State of GA has requested a waiver from standardized testing for the 2020-2021 school term. The waiver has not been approved yet but we anticipate its approval. In the future, you may be requested to appear at the designated Worth County Schools location, date, and time to take your state mandated assessment.  To ensure we are meeting student needs, reducing achievement gaps, and extending learning it will be necessary to conduct universal screenings to measure growth and performance during the year. Your child may be asked meet at a designated location for the following universal assessments: Reading Inventory, Math Inventory, and Dibels Next.


Who will be my child's instructor?

Currently, we do not have an accurate number of students to determine and designate teachers. We are working diligently to ensure your child will have a facilitator from the district, and possibly from the specific grade band they are assigned.


How will my child know how to use the digital learning platform?

Each digital learning platform has a user tutorial and help feature to show students and parents how to navigate through the platform.  We will be adding a virtual learning academy page to the district website where we conduct parent/student orientation.