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Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Last Updated: 7/14/2020 2:34 PM


      The goal of the Curriculum and Instruction Department in Worth County Schools is to ensure a quality education for all students leading to graduation and productive citizenship.  We are committed to providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum based on the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE).  Our teachers use researched-based instructional strategies and monitor all students' progress through both formative and summative assessments.  

   To learn more about the GSE for reading/ELA and mathematics and the GPS for all other content areas, visit the following website:

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Georgia’s Systems of Continuous Improvement

Georgia’s Systems of Continuous Improvement
Coherent Instruction
The major system of the complex school organization that articulates and guides the what and how of instruction
Professional Capacity
A major system of the complex school organization that develops a quality staff to reduce the variance of quality in instruction throughout the school
Effective Leadership
A major system of the complex school organization that sets the direction for the school, ensures that the school’s staff is capable of meeting that direction, and makes sure the organization functions according to its mission




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Djana Goss
Dr. Djana Goss
Director of Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

Mrs. Debra Rockwell
Student Information Systems

District Instructional Expectations Manual 


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