Second Semester Students Graduate from the CHAMPS Program


Students in Ms. Cuffie, Ms. Dawson, Mr. Fulp, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Tomlinson, and Mr. Young's homerooms recently graduated from the CHAMPS program at WCES.  CHAMPS, which stands for Choosing Health Activities and Methods Promoting Safety, is a class that is led by Worth County Sheriff's Lieutenant Jerry Walters.  They meet once a week for the semester to discuss such topics such as ATV Safety, Drug and Alcohol Prevention, Gun Safety, just to name a few.  Students then choose a topic and create a poster about it.  Posters were judged from each class, and then the first place winner from each homeroom then competes against all other first place participants from this semester.  Congratulations to all students for completing the course and graduation.  Also, congratulations to poster winners from each class and overall poster winners.  

Ms. Cuffie's Homeroom Graduates

fy 21 cuffie HR


Ms. Dawson's Homeroom Graduates



Mr. Fulp's Homeroom Graduates

fy21 fulp hr


Mrs. Smith's Homeroom Graduates

fy21 smith hr


Mrs. Tomlinson's Homeroom Graduates

fy 21 tomlinson hr


Mr. Young's Homeroom Graduates

fy 21 youngs hr


Homeroom Poster Contest Winners

Ms. Cuffie's Homeroom

fy21 cuffie poster winner

Pictured L to R:  1st Place - Tebow Attaway, 3rd Place - Madison McGill, 2nd Place - Jamiria Jones, and Lt. Jerry Walters


Ms. Dawson's Homeroom

fy21 winners dawson

Pictured L to R:  3rd Place - Aiden Palmer, 1st Place - Caleigh Lowery, 2nd Place - Callie Bates, and Lt. Jerry Walters.  


Mr. Fulp's Homeroom

fy 21 winners fulp

Pictured L to R:  2nd Place - Logan Elrod, 3rd Place - Garrett Carter, 1st Place - Helen Mathews, and Lt. Jerry Walters


Mrs. Smith's Homeroom 

fy 21 poster winners smith

Pictured L to R:  2nd Place - Mary Alice Eason, 1st Place - Neveah Cox, 3rd Place - Dalton Merritt and Lt. Jerry Walters. 


Mrs. Tomlinson's Homeroom

FY 21 tomlinson poster winners

Pictured L to R:  Lt. Jerry Walters, 1st Place - Harmony Moye, and 2nd Place - Kaylyn Christopher.  Not pictured is 3rd Place - Gunner Harp.


Mr. Young's Homeroom

fy 21 youngs poster winner  

Pictured L to R:  3rd Place - Palin Bradshaw, 2nd Place - Salvador Pena, 1st Place - Ashunti Alford, and Lt. Jerry Walters.


Top Poster Winners

FY 21 top winners

Pictured L to R:  3rd Place - Harmony Moye, 2nd Place - Neveah Cox, 1st Place - Tebow Attaway, and Lt. Jerry Walters.  


Congratulations to all graduates and poster winners!  WCES is proud of you!

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