WCES Purpose and Direction

WCSS Purpose Statement

To ensure a quality education for all students leading to graduation and productive citizenship.

WCSS Direction Statements

  1. Our vision for Worth County Schools is for our graduation rate to reach 80% or above, and for students to meet or exceed established accountability measures.
  2. We will achieve this vision by providing high expectations, a relevant and rigorous curriculum, data driven standards-based instructional practices, appropriate interventions, and celebrations of success as we move forward.
  3. As a result of our success we will attract and retain high quality teachers, provide a foundation for community economic growth, and prepare graduates for post-secondary success.

WCSS Beliefs

  1. All students can learn and are unique learners;
  2. Education is a shared responsibility of the student, home, school, and community
  3. Schools should maintain a safe and structured learning environment;
  4. All students should meet or exceed educational standards provided by a rigorous and relevant curriculum;
  5. All decisions should be driven by accurate and relevant data;
  6. College and career readiness activities prepare students for the future workforce;
  7. Students engaged in co-and extra-curricular activities perform better;
  8. Readily accessible technology resources improve teaching and learning;
  9. The system should employ and retain highly qualified personnel who demonstrate a high degree of professionalism;
  10. Job embedded professional learning results in improved instruction and increased student achievement;
  11. Prompt and regular attendance by all leads to improved performance;
  12. Effective and open communication is essential for the achievement of educational goals.


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