Complaint Procedures

Last Updated: 8/5/2020 12:29 PM

Worth County School System Complaint Procedures:  Worth County Schools will monitor any complaints alleging violations of the law in the administration of federal programs from a parent(s), legal guardian(s), student(s) and provider(s).  Formal complaints filed in the Federal Programs Office shall include the following:  1. A written statement of allegation(s). 2. A summary of the facts upon which the allegation(s) is based. 3. Any documentation supporting the allegation(s). 4. The complainant’s contact information, including name, address and telephone number.  Federal Program complaints should be sent to Federal Programs Director at Worth County Schools, 103 Eldridge Street, Sylvester, GA 31791.

The Federal Programs Office will investigate the allegations set-forth in the complaint and make a determination as to whether the allegation(s) warrant further review or action.  If necessary, the Federal Programs Office may conduct an on-site visit to clarify any issues raised by the complaint.  The on-site investigation may include an examination of relevant records and conduct interviews of relevant persons to determine whether there has been a violation of any applicable state or federal law(s), guideline(s), or rule(s).


The Federal Programs Office shall send all appropriate parties the steps necessary to resolve the complaint, including technical assistance activities, negotiations, and corrective actions to achieve compliance.