Mentor Monday Program

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Last Updated: 8/31/2020 6:38 PM

WCMS Mentor Monday provides guidance and support for some of our middle school students.  The Mentor Monday program is designed to meet once a month with a different focus for each meeting.  Students will be exposed to life skills and caring and consistent adult relationships that will help them navigate their way through adolescence and beyond.

Click the title link to view photos from each Mentor Monday meeting.  

September 2019 - Change a Tire (photos)
In Mentor Monday's first meeting, students met Master Sergeant Micheal L. Jackson.  Mr. Jackson shared his inspirational story with students and they were given an opportunity to ask questions. After a breakfast snack, students were led outside to learn about changing a tire.  Students not only were hands-on in changing a tire, but they also gained valuable information about purchasing tires and expiration dates on tires.  Mr. Jackson gave a very informative presentation to the students. 

October 2019 - Fishing at Community Gardens (photos)
In Mentor Monday's October meeting, students visited the Community Gardens and learned how to bait a hook, catch a fish, clean a fish, and the anatomy of a fish.  Mr. Jackson joined Mentor Monday again sharing safety and cooking tips for fishing.  Sam X graciously hosted our group at the Gardens and even gave tips for skinning a catfish. A couple of the experienced student fishermen were able to assist the adults. Students enjoyed the experience and beautiful weather while talking and building relationships that will last them a lifetime.