WCHS Dual Enrollment




To learn more about Dual Enrollment, please read the information below. The GAFUTURE and GADOE web page has a wealth of information and documents for students and parents to explore.

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment provides high school students with the opportunity to take college-level courses and earn credit toward both a high school diploma and a college degree.

  • Available for all high school grade levels 10-12 (*10th graders can only start with CTAE dual enrollment classes)
  • Once approved, may enroll full or part-time in approved credit-bearing college courses
  • Courses may be taken before, during, or after regular school hours on the college campus,   online, or at WCHS
  • No charge for tuition, mandatory fees, and required books, providing a huge cost savings for parents and students. Exceptions may be lab fees.


Advantages and Benefits

  • Provides students with an easy transition and an early start to their college careers
  • Earning college credits while still in high school may enable students to graduate early and/or possibly even earn an associate degree, diploma or certificate
  • Helps students adjust to certain aspects of the college experience (e.g., classes, coursework, instruction, being on a college campus) so the transition from high school to college may be easier
  • Flexible scheduling opportunities with classes and access to the college’s resources and amenities
  • College tuition and expenses are fully or mostly paid, which saves the parents/students money and time
  • Participating in a dual enrollment program demonstrates a student’s ability to handle more difficult coursework which is something college admissions officers may look upon favorably during admissions and recruiting

Contact your school counselor for more information.
sbozeman@worthschools.net (11th and 12th)
stouze@worthschools.net (9th and 10th)