Graduation Rate


The Georgia Department of Education recently released the 2017 state and school level graduation rates.  These overall percentages are a culmination of the many successes students have achieved throughout their school careers.  This data begins to form from the very first day of a child's school experience - the day that all teachers, support staff, and administrators make a commitment to removing all possible barriers between that child and personal and academic achievement.  The Worth County School District has always been, and will remain, focused on working closely with students to identify their individual needs and offering numerous opportunities for student support, remediation, and advancement.  Beginning in 2015, the GaDOE started calculating high school graduation rates using a new formula (the four-year adjusted cohort rate), which is a requirement from the U.S. Department of Education.  This rate calculation is based off of following students from the time they enter high school as freshmen and then go on to earn a diploma within four years.  The former rate calculation defined groups at the time of graduation, which may have included students who took more than four years to receive a diploma.  Worth County High School's graduation rate for 2017 is 82.1%, 2.2 percentage 2.9 points above the state average of 79.2%.  Historically, graduation rates for WCHS are as follows:

2011:  65.8%
2012:  72%
2013:  74.4%
2014:  80.4%
2015:  76.3%

2016:  77%
2017:  82.1%

The WCSD remains devoted to ensuring a quality education for all students leading to graduation and productive citizenship.  We are proud to be the Mighty Rams!