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Official statement from Worth County School District regarding January weather days
"The Worth County School District was closed January 3-5, 2017, due to severe weather. There will be no make-up days for students. There will be no changes in the school calendar."
titleI Title I Schoolwide Schools
We are proud to announce that WCPS, WCES, WCMS, and WCHS have not been given a designation status, which means they are each a Title I Schoolwide School continuing to provide quality education to all ...
seniorsendoff WCMS "Senior Send-Off"
Worth County Middle School 8th grade basketball players and cheerleaders were recognized at a recent game.
DAR District Winner - Eli Jacobs DAR District Essay Winner
Congratulations to Eli Jacobs who won the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Essay Contest for the Southwest Georgia District.
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